AIA History

In 1966, the present day Aging in America was born from the consolidation of two vital, established communities for the aged in New York City: St. Luke’s Home for Aged Women and The Peabody Home.The legacy of these organizations lives on over a century and a half later with an unwavering commitment to serving the needs and interests of the elderly population of New York with compassion and dignity.

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  • 1852

    Rev. Isaac Tuttle rents room for Distressed Lady

  • 1854

    St. Luke's Home for Indigent Females Incorporated

  • 1874

    Peabody Home and Reformed Relief Assoc. Incorporated

  • 1880

    Peabody Home Moves to the Bronx

  • 1929

    Peabody Home builds structure at 1000 Pelham Parkway

  • 1966

    St. Lukes Home and Peabody Home merge and incorporate as Morningside House

  • 1972

    Morningside House Nursing Home Company, Inc. is formed

  • 1974

    Residents moved into the new buildings on Pelham Parkway

  • 1977

    Special Alzheimer's Unit opens Morningside

  • 1979

    Morningside House purchases Mother Butler High School at 1500 Pelham Pkwy

  • 1982

    Morningside House becomes Aging in America, Inc.

  • 1990's

    Morningside House Nursing Home and AIA expand into Community Services

  • 2001

    Aging in America builds Hertlin House on Long Island

  • 2010

    Aging in America sells building at 1500 Pelham Parkway

  • 2014

    Morningside House Nursing Home is sold. Aging in America, strategically partners with others to provide innovative programs and services to seniors

  • 2016

    Aging in America moves into new offices in Westchester County, New York.