Other Ways To Give

In addition to a donation, here are some other ways you may consider supporting the important work of Aging in America.


Life Insurance


You can list Aging in America, Inc. as a beneficiary, or, when you take out a policy, you can specify a charitable organization such as Aging in America, Inc. and your premiums will be tax-deductible.


Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA)


You can donate all or part of your mandated withdrawal amount, or make a charitable organization, like Aging in America, Inc., the beneficiary, and save your heirs additional estate and income taxes.


IRA Charitable Rollover


On December 18, 2015, President Obama signed into law and made permanent qualified charitable distributions from IRAs. A charitable rollover makes it easier to use IRA assets to benefit favorite charities during a person’s lifetime.


Individuals over 70 years and 6 months must take an annual minimum distribution from their IRA. For those who do not need the minimum distribution, this means they can make a gift to a qualifying charity and help satisfy their minimum distribution requirement. The direct rollover is not counted as taxable income.


Here are some key points:


You must be 70 years and 6 months or older at the time the distribution is made.

Your total IRA gifts to charity can be up to $100,000 per individual taxpayer.

You must make the donation to a qualified charity, like Aging in America, Inc.

The donation must be transferred directly from your IRA to the qualifying charity.

Please contact your IRA administrator to make a qualifying transfer. Transfers must be made by December 31, 2016 to be counted for 2016.


Stocks, Bonds or Securities


Your gift of stocks, bonds or securities to Aging in America, Inc.may result in tax savings. If you give stocks or bonds that have appreciated in value, you get a tax deduction for the full current value and neither you nor Aging in America, Inc. have to pay capital gains tax for the increased value. Stocks or bonds that have decreased in value have a tax deduction for the current value; however, Aging in America, Inc. would still benefit. Note that year-end stock gifts should be received at least ten days prior to the close of the calendar year for proper processing.


Workplace Giving


For those interested in supporting Aging in America, Inc. via their workplace:

Matching Gifts: Many employers offer a matching gift program. Please contact Aging in America, Inc. for verification of your gift to make your dollars go even further.


Remember Aging in America in your will.


If you have additional questions about any of the giving choices above, do not hesitate to contact Aging in America, Inc. via email or by phone at (914) 205-5032.